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Rejuvi products have been available in Australia for 15 years and are a favoured cosmetics brand of many Australian professional beauty salon and skin clinics, as well as its thousands of clients across Australia.

Rejuvi Laboratory was founded in 1988 and is since a high-tech leading manufacturer specializing in anti-aging skin & hair and body care products.
Currently, Rejuvi stocks in over 60 countries around the world. 
Each Rejuvi product is characterized by a powerful synergism due to carefully selected union of advanced research, modern technology and natural herbalogy.   
Currently, we offer the Rejuvi PERSONAL Skin Care Line (includes anti-cellulite body care), and PROFESSIONAL Skin Care Line (for aestheticians & dermatologists) as well as the Rejuville Anti-aging Hair Care Line.  

Rejuvi Professional Skin Care is the most effective and extensive tool for a skin care professional.  Within this line of products, we offer 20 various professional treatments such as Anti-androgen Acne treatment, Milk Peel (gentle & deep), Anti-aging Eye treatment, Skin Whitening treatment, Dry Skin treatment, Brown spot/mole Removal, Tattoo Removal & Correction for permanent makeup, Retinoid treatment, Contour treatment (anti-fat), Scar Reduction technique, etc.